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How Do Laser Marking Machines Work?

Although, there are a number laser marking machines available of in the market, the latest state-of-the-art technology used widely is the fiber laser machine.
This machine is the best option existing that uses fiber-pumping technology to “dope” fibers with a unique earthy element like Ytterbium.

Using this element (Ytterbium) in a laser marking machine increases the ability of fibers to carry high-emitting diodes, which are pumped to optical heads through the fibers. fiber laser marking systems At this point, the light beam expands to produce the capability of laser marking. The light beam is then able to mark a variety of materials using any one of the following four methods:

1. Removal of a layer of any material or Ablation
2. Etching of material surface to change color or Carbon Migration
3. Bonding
4. Laser Engraving

Laser marking applications are suitable with a several material types. These can range from leather to plastics and metals as well. The different kind of metals that fit perfectly to the fiber laser engraving criteria include silver, bronze, gold, stainless steel and platinum. Other materials and elements that respond positively to fiber laser marking include copper, aluminum, carbide, tungsten and medical grade alloys.

Different Ways That Laser Marking Machines can be used
A fiber laser marking machine that uses fiber lasers is also known as a laser engraving machine due to the resulting surface patterns produced during the ablation process. fiber laser marking systemsThe laser machines are used for an array of applications including:Jewelry Engraving,Laser Cutting and Medical Devices& Equipment

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